Joseph Michael Pesch
VP Programming

TFS Select Multiple Items in Dropdown List by Using Custom Contol "MultiValueControl"

by 6. February 2017 06:01

The TFS standard dropdown list control only allows selecting a single item.  To allow selecting multiple items you can install a custom control.  The MultiValueControl allows selecting multiple items by displaying a checkbox next to each item in the list.  You need to install the control into the TFS server in order to use it on the TFS work item web portal and for use with TFS work items through Visual Studio you need to install the custom control on your PC.  Below are links to the Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 custom controls.

Web Controls Installation - (

  • Navigate in your browser to the configuration panel for the web extension of TFS: http://servername:8080/tfs/admin/Extensions
  • Click on the '+'-sign and upload the CodePlex.WitCustomControls.MultiValueControl<version>.zip-file, make sure to use the .zip file matching you TFS server version.
  • Enable the extension.


VS2015: (200.61 kb) (164.22 kb)