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Customize MS CRM Marketing List Members Default View

by 7. July 2011 15:05

I wanted to customize the Marketing List Members default view, specifically just to add the EMail address column (the default view was originally just Full Name, Business Phone and Address 1: City).  I origially assumed that this would b accomplished by modifying the Contact entities "Contact Associated View".  When I opened that view it did in fact seem to match the Marketing List Members default view; however, after modifying and publishing the Contact Assoiated View, the Marketing List Members view was unaffected.  Upon further inspection I noticed the icon of the Marketing List Members was different than that of the Contacts and in fact I could not find any entity in the Customize Entities screen that had that same unique icon.  As it turns out you cannot modify the Marketing List Members default view through the Customize Entities screen.  There is however a workaround that allow you to customize it.  Follow the steps below:

  1. From the main CRM screen perform an "Advanced Find".
  2. In the "Look for:" dropdown select "View".
  3. In the details section dropdown select "View" from the "Fields" section of the dropdown values.
  4. Set the operator to "Equals" (which should be the default).
  5. In the "Enter Value" field type "All Members" and/or select from the magnifier button pop-up screen.  NOTE: there may be more than one "All Members" (in my case there were three), so make sure to select all of them.
  6. Click the "Find" button.
  7. Double-click the result rows (one at a time) and modify the view when it opens.
  8. Click "Save and Close", repeat as necessary for each of the views.
  9. IMPORTANT: The changes you made will not be visible until you go back to the Customize Entities screen and select "More Actions" > "Publish All Customizations" from the menu at the top of the entity list.



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