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Microsoft SSAS OLAP Error: A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing table column value

by 9. September 2011 21:28

Here is the specific error I encountered:

"Errors in the OLAP storage engine: A duplicate attribute key has been found when processing: Table: 'MyTableHere', Column: 'MyColumnHere', Value: '0'. The attribute is 'MyAttributeHere'."

At first I was very confused because I didn't understand how having multiple values of 0 was an issue. It turns out the real issue is having both 0 values AND null values. The issue is manifest by the processing engine as it performs a select distinct which results in one row for the 0 values and another for the null values. However, the null value is then converted into a 0 by default (if you have the "NullProcessing" attribute of the Dimension set to "Automatic").  This is what causes the conflict.  In my case making the nulls 0 before processing the cube resolved the issue.

NOTE: With the default NULL processing for dimension attributes being set to 'Automatic' nulls will be converted to a Zero (for numerical values) or an empty string (for string values). The issue is that the engine first performs a "select distinct ..." on the raw values, so it will come up with one row for NULL and another row for ZERO/BLANK (depending on data type), then the conversion from NULL to the corresponding default occurs thus resulting in conflicting (or duplicate) keys.

Thanks to this post for helping me out:



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