Joseph Michael Pesch
VP Programming

ASP.Net Membership Provider and Identity Login Password Hash with Salt/Security

by 9. January 2013 14:12

Here is a password for ASP.Net MembershipProvider
password: password1234
password salt: dArJQD4e4upwMyqCSl9iNA==
password: 5Xv212dMJiOQP2X+zhOZw66L+xU=

Here is a password for ASP.Net Identity
password: #%ND84yq
hash: AGRf+1XUhLtQsQnaT39V4sQegMmKvA7gsLBVtJ4YFLdvavNQFcqeHZ+ViuRoO9SkRg==
security: 86232225-81da-4d56-84ea-ded079d64384



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