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Microsoft Fix It - Clean Removal Tool Replacement for MSICUU2.exe

by 24. February 2013 09:13

Some times when a software becomes corrupted and you attempt to uninstall/reinstall the software it may be in left in a bad state where it is unusable, leaving you with the only option to reformat your hard drive to reinstall your operating system or attempt to manually fix/unistall which can be very tedious and potentially error prone leaving your system in even a worse state.  The Windows Installer Clean Up tool developed by Microsoft "MSICUU2.exe" was a free and very useful tool to help fix these type of program removal/reinstallation issues.  However, Microsoft decided to retire this tool in 2010 and they have replaced it with another tool called “Microsoft Fix It” which is a progam install and uninstall utility that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows including Windows 7.  The tool can be run directly from the Microsoft web site; or, it can be downloaded and loaded onto a flash drive, CD, etc. to run locally on an affected machine.

In my case I had Symantec anti-virus software installed and attempted to remove it using the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.  However, my uninstall froze in the middle and left my PC in a state where it was gone from the Add/Remove Programs list but not fully removed from my PC.  Worse yet whenever I right-clicked on folders it would prompt me with a series of dialog boxes about trying to install Symantec and can't install.  I was able to successfully remove it using the Microsoft Fix It tool.

Download the tool directly from the Microsoft site:



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