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BlogEngine.Net Using TinyMCE Allow User to Paste Image Directly Onto Page

by 2. April 2016 09:18

By default the TinyMCE configuration in a standard BlogEngine.Net implementation may not be setup to allow users to paste images directly from their clipboard onto the page.  To make sure this feature is enabled, go to the "admin/editors/tinymce/editor.js" and add the two lines listed below into the tinymce.init method (sample of a full view of the method also shown below):

browser_spellcheck: true,
paste_data_images: true,

For any editor customization, check TinyMce website for plugins:

    selector: '#txtContent',
    plugins: [
        "advlist autolink lists link image charmap print preview anchor",
        "searchreplace visualblocks code fullscreen textcolor imagetools",
        "insertdatetime media table contextmenu paste sh4tinymce filemanager"
    toolbar: "styleselect | bold underline italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright | bullist numlist | forecolor backcolor | link media sh4tinymce | fullscreen code | filemanager",
    autosave_ask_before_unload: false,
    max_height: 1000,
    min_height: 300,
    height: 500,
	browser_spellcheck: true,
	paste_data_images: true,
    menubar: false,
    relative_urls: false,
    browser_spellcheck: true,
    setup: function (editor) {
        editor.on('init', function (e) {
            if (htmlContent) {



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