Joseph Michael Pesch
VP Programming

About the Author

My blog focuses primarily on Microsoft technologies, primarily .Net based web and application development.  I have 20 years experience prgramming with Microsoft technologies, originally working with Visual Basic version 1, Access version 1, Excel macros and SQL Server.  To date I have worked with all versions of Visual Basic, all versions of the .Net framework and Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010 (using both C# as well as VB.Net).  SQL Server versions 4 through 2008R2.  ODBC, ADO.Net, LINQ to SQL, EntityFramework, WCF Data Services.  I have also worked with Oracle and dabbled in MySql/PHP.  I have built many custom web site applications applications with web services and prefer using jQuery on the front end.

You can visit my Google+ profile here: My Google+ Profile