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RegEx: Take a URL and Replace the Page with New Page (isolate page from path and query)

by 14. July 2009 00:35

publicstaticstring ReplaceURLPageName(string URL, string PageNameExtension, string NewPageName)

// This method takes a URL and replaces the page (with given extension).
// Capture the root URL (i.e. everything up to the page
// Page is defined by first word with a period in it between slashes
string RootURL = "";  

foreach (Match m inRegex.Matches(URL, @"^.*/"))  
RootURL = m.ToString();

//Strip off everything before the page
URL = Regex.Replace(URL, @"^.*/", "");  

//Replace the current page name with new page name (keeping the querystring)
URL = RootURL + Regex.Replace(URL, "(.+)." + PageNameExtension, NewPageName);  

return URL;  }

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ASP.Net | C#

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