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Visual Studio 2010 Resources

by 10. November 2010 13:28

The Visual Studio "Productivity Power Tools" are a set of Visual Studio addins that offer enhanced develeper experience in the IDE.  For example, there are features such as the following.  Enhanced tab well, allowing colorization of tabs by file type, alternative tab docking points (i.e. left side vertical tab set, vs. standard top horizontal).  Javascript code auto-collapse regions, similar to the auto-collapse feature on the C#/VB code behind.  Quick find, which allows a more user friendly find/replace, that works similar to a modern web page find (i.e. auto-highliting matches dynamically as you type), along with enhanced regular expression support.  These are just a few examples of some of the great enhanced features provdided in the "Productivity Power Tools". 

To view more details and download the bits, check out this web site:


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