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SQL Server Management Studio "Invalid Object Name ..." when Object Does Exist

by 25. January 2012 10:06

I was struggling to understand why the SSMS intellisense was highlighting certain objects in my query window and indicating that they were not valid; when in fact, they did exist.  I tried closing and re-opening the studio, refreshing the local cache (Edit -> IntelliSense -> Refresh Local Cache (CRTL+Shift+R)).  All to no avail.  I finally realized the issue was due to the fact that the top of my SQL script had statements to drop and recreate some of the objects dynamically (e.g. if exists(...) drop XXX go select * into XXX from YYY).  It turns out that even though the objects actively existed in the database the fact that the script had a conditional drop statement of the objects, the IntelliSense seemed to override reality with fiction (i.e. thinking they are or will be dropped, perhaps?).  Anyway, if I simply commented out the drop statements all the errors went away.  Strange...


SQL Server

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