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NgCore - Angular App with Dot Net Core

by 8. September 2019 12:57

Before getting started, I recommend looking at using for Command Editor.  


  1. Angular installed globally: 
    npm install -g @angular/cli
  2. Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio Community (or other full version)
  3. Node.js v. 8.10.0 or higher ( to check current version, run command: 
    node -v

Steps to create project:

  1. Create folder for the project, in my case "NgCore"
  2. Run the following command from within the project folder:  
    ng new NgCoreApp
  3. Run the following command from withing the "NgCoreApp" folder: 
    ng build
  4. Run the app from the "dist" folder (created by the "ng build")


Angular | ASP.Net Core

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